20 Great Reasons to Migrate to Australia

We all know that Australia is seen as ‘The Lucky Country’ all over the world. We’ve made this list in case you still aren’t sure why you should make the move to live, work, study or do business in Australia.

Australian Universities are the best

Seven of the top 100 universities in the world are Australian universities –  so Australia is a great place for education.

The Australian Government offers over $200 million dollars in scholarships for local and international students. 

Jobs are better in Australia

Job opportunities in Australia are better than many other developed countries.Job opportunities in Australia are great

Fast and strong economic growth of a number of industries in Australia mean more and better employment opportunities and conditions for skilled workers. 

Businesses are booming and numerous career opportunities are being offered to migrants.

Australia is a friendly country

Australia is a safe, multicultural, friendly and harmonious society.

People from over 100 countries have migrated to Australia, making it one of the world’s most culturally diverse countries.

Our friendly Australian way of being means overseas students and workers are readily welcomed here.

Yes we are really, very friendly

Australians are really friendlyAustralians are widely known for friendliness. No matter where we live, we’re the always there helping others.

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2016 global liveability survey on 140 cities in the world, Sydney is the world’s second friendliest destination. 

Australia has low crime and strong gun control

Australia has a comparatively very low crime rate and strict gun control laws.  It is part of the Australian way of life to provide our people with a safe place to live.

Australia has amazing weather

Yes, we’ve got a great climate with four distinct seasons throughout the year.

Summers in Australia are hot and winters are mild.

Spring in all parts of Australia is spectacular, with unique plant life in full bloom and plenty of pristine nature to enjoy.

Autumn comes with plenty of colour along with the gently warm days and cooler evenings.

Fresh air is abundant in Australia

Australia is rated as one of the world’s cleanest countries with an Environmental Performance Index score of about 80.

All this clean air is said to boost your immune system, increase happiness as well as making you feel alive and revitalised. 

Spectacular natural sights

You need to experience Australia’s vast natural gifts to believe them.

Attractions include nineteen World Heritage sites such as the Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock, the Daintree Rainforest and Sydney Opera House.  

Our beaches are ranked among the most beautiful on the planet, with white sand and crystal clear waters.

Australia has the world’s most unique native animals such as the kangaroo, wombat and platypus.

Clean, quality food and wine

Australia has exceptional quality food and wine

Australia has a vibrant food and wine culture which is exported all over the world and enjoyed locally every day. 

Our clean environment is ideal for producing some of the highest quality produce available any where.

Our restaurants and wineries enjoy a global reputation for excellence.

Shopping paradise

In most shops all the prices shown are inclusive of taxes so what you see is the price what you pay.

Australian retailers offer the best and latest of everything available from all over the world as well as locally produced merchandise.

Tips are not compulsory

In Australia there’s no need to tip your waiter when you pay your bill at a restaurant. Unless you want to, of course!

Coffee, coffee and more coffee

If you’re coffee lover, then Australia can be one of the best places to live. 

A well kept secret is that Australian baristas make the most delicious coffee and you will find specialty coffee shops all over the country.

Health care

Our healthcare system is considered to be among the fairest in the world.

Medical insurance, healthcare facilities and doctor’s prescription medications are cheaper than many developed countries. 

We really are very funny people, seriously

Have we mentioned that we Australians are no-nonsense, easy-going, funny people? Our national sense of humour is described as ‘dry’.

Political correctness is rare here. Australians are more likely to joke around and have fun than get offended about things. 

You can still buy local, but think global

In Australian cities you can still shop at a local butcher, local baker and a local farmers market as well as large, commercial shopping centres. We like to keep it that way.

Sporting culture

Australians love our football, cricket, cycling and other sports.

Sports events such as games and competitions are always fully attended. Be warned though, if you are into sport you can expect some good competition! 

Australia offers the arts too

When you’re done soaking up our beautiful nature and you’ve worn yourself out happily playing sport,  unwind with art shows, theatre performances and all of the best the world of entertainment has to offer. 

We have world-class theatres and entertainment complexes in every city.

Boundless plains

Australia is such a vast country that you can spend all free time exploring it. We have rainforests, beaches, snowy mountains, rivers and deserts and all manner of stunning ancient landscapes. 

We are rich and free

We’re a prosperous country with a free market economy growing steadily.

Australia hold position among the richest nations in the Asian-Pacific region, driven by the service sector, natural resources and mineral exports.  

The Australian system of government is a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy, a full democracy, with elections held every three years.

Quality of life

The United Nations ranked Australia as second in the world for its quality of life, just behind Norway and ahead of Switzerland. 

That, in itself, is the best reason to consider moving here.

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