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When making the decision to apply for an Australian visa, there are always numerous questions that all applicants have.

The application process can be confusing, and choosing the right options is at times difficult.

We often hear the same questions, regarding visa choice and applications, so below we have listed a few of the most frequently asked questions.


Some of the commonly asked questions include:

How quickly can I get my visa?

This will depend on what type of visa you are applying for. Each application has unique circumstances, so once we have an initial consultation with you, we can determine the application process and time.

What about education and qualifications?

If you have formal education of qualifications, this will definitely help with your application.

Does my age affect my application?

It can, but personal circumstances and the type of visa you apply for will determine the outcome too.

What about my family and children?

Usually, if you have dependents that live with you, they can be included in your application. If you are already living in Australia on a student or working visa, and your family is overseas, it is possible to include dependents in your visa application, even if they don’t live with you.

I have pets, can I bring them?

You can bring pets, but it requires a long period of quarantine and is an expensive process. If possible, you should consider other arrangements for pets.

Do I need a health check?

For some visa types you don’t need a medical check but for others applicants need to pass a medical test. Ask if this applies to you during your consultation with us.

Can I work in Australia?

In order to work in Australia, you need to apply for the correct visa. Your background and qualifications can affect what Visa you can apply for. Speak with us to determine what is the best option for you.

Can I study in Australia?

Australia has a number of Visa options to allow people to study. Depending on your situation, and what you want to do while here, the type of Visa you need to apply for can vary. Let us assist you with the correct Visa for your needs.

Can I visit Australia while my application is being processed?

For some visa types you can but there may be conditions and requirements that can restrict what you can do and how long you can stay. In some circumstances you may have to apply for a Visitor Visa first (depending on your nationality) before visiting Australia and in this case you cannot visit Australia while your visa application is being processed.

Can my Visa be granted while I am in Australia?

In some cases you can’t have your Migrant Visa issued while you are in Australia and you will need to be outside of Australia in order to have your visa applied to your passport. For other visa types, however, this is not the case. It is best to discuss this during your consultation with us.

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